Using a Children's Storybook Bible

Why Use a Storybook Bible?

One of the core principles of Teach Us the Bible is that we want children to learn and comprehend the stories of the Bible. Children's storybook Bibles can be very useful in helping them grasp the basic elements of the stories, especially for younger children.

Teaching a Bible story is different than teaching children to read the Bible. Elementary school students usually do not read in a way that can be easily followed by the hearer. While this is a useful exercise to help them learn their Bible and read aloud, many times it hinders comprehension of the story for both the child reading and the rest of the children hearing. That's why we include a "Bible Mastery" section that is different than the "Teach the Story" section.

Which Storybook Bible Should You Use?

Below are some options. Above all, you should use a Storybook Bible that tells the entire story at a reading level that is appropriate for your children. Not all Storybook Bibles will contain all the stories we use in our curriculum. You should consider buying several different Bibles. This gives you the ability to choose the best telling of each story.

Also, all of these Bibles are storybooks, not literal translations of the Bible. Great care should be given to ensure that any storybook lines up with the actual text.

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Title Notes Buy
Egermeier's Bible Story Book Great all-around Bible with very good coverage of stories. If you only buy one, buy this Bible. The major criticism that seems to be present with this Storybook Bible is inferences of emotions of Bible characters and God.

The Usborne Children's Bible Attractive illustrations and plain English stories. This is a good Bible for all ages it goes into more detail than your typical preschool Bible. The only real limitation with this Bible is its relatively small selection of stories.
The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories This is a good Storybook Bible for preschool and early elementary. There is good coverage of Bible stories, and it is very easy to read. Each page includes a picture.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name This is a comprehensive Storybook Bible, but it has a particular focus: showing that the Old Testament points to Jesus. This is a good resource to have, but all stories may not be comprehensive.

Read And Learn Bible Fairly good selection of stories. This book emphasizes pictures more than text.

Candle Bible for Toddlers Short telling of each story, with illustrations. Best for preschoolers.

God's Story: The Bible Told as One Story (This Bible is out of print but can still be purchased used) This Bible is almost a translation, seeking to bridge the gap between a storybook Bible and an adult translation