Bible Story Based Curriculum

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Story-based Bible Lessons

We believe that children in preschool and grade-school learn best by stories. By the time children go to middle school, they should have a solid foundation of Bible understanding.

  • Roughly 2 years of chronological Bible story lessons
  • 1 year through the Old Testament and 1 year through the New Testament
  • Lessons focus on stories kids will remember, not topics
  • Children will get each lesson 3 times by the end of 5th grade
  • Your teachers might learn something too!
  • Students learn a new Bible memory verse every 4 weeks
  • Each lesson includes supplies and preparation steps, as well as coloring sheets by our awesome artist that will get your kids excited each week
  • Teachers use Children's Storybook Bibles to make sure lessons are comprehended

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Topical lessons that require children to apply a concept to their lives do not work as well as lessons that teach a concrete story that will stick with them for years to come.

  • Psychologists know that children do not begin to develop the ability to think abstractly until adolescence
  • For example, instead of a 4-week series on "Love", children will learn about love by learning stories of love in the Bible
  • Children will remember the stories long after they remember a topic
  • Reinforcement activities are much more meaningful when tied to a story than a topic

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Our artist creates fresh take-home coloring sheets for each lesson.

  • Each coloring sheet includes the lesson title and Bible reference so parents know what they learned.
  • No chubby cherubs and flowing-hair Jesus here
  • These coloring sheets are specially designed to highlight an aspect of the story that will be a catalyst to remind your children of the story. They are a teaching tool for use in the classroom and at home.

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The reinforcement activities we include in our Bible lessons are designed to augment the Bible stories, not waste time.

  • Each reinforcement activity includes how-to instructions, pictures of a finished product (if applicable), and questions to ask children to apply the activity back to the Bible story
  • Activities are categorized by age groups, so you can find the right activities for your class
  • Each activity includes supply lists and preparation steps so your teachers walk into class prepared
  • We aren't the only ones with good ideas. Teach Us the Bible allows teachers around the world (in our Ministry Edition) to contribute their own ideas and rate others so you get access to a wide variety of high-quality activities for each lesson.

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Your teachers can choose to print out the lesson for their reference on Sunday morning, or use a laptop or iPad on Sunday morning to save paper and ink

  • Designed for laptops, iPads, and smartphones
  • Save on paper and printing costs with technology
  • Ministry edition churches can give unique usernames and passwords to each teacher
  • You can access Teach Us the Bible from anywhere

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Delivery of curriculum through the web allows for lower costs for us and you.

  • No more buying too many lesson books, resource packs, or student books "just in case".
  • Print only what you need
  • Our entire curriculum is available for free (ad-supported) to anyone who wants to use it.
  • We also built in features that make using Teach Us the Bible across a ministry a breeze for only $99/yr with unlimited users.

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Teach Us the Bible is the creation of Jonathan and Michelle Minter

Jonathan and Michelle Minter

Michelle received a Bachelor's degree in elementary education from Averett University in Danville, VA. After teaching for a year and a half, she retired to become a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher. She now teaches preschool.

She has been teaching Sunday school for over 15 years and has a passion for helping children get excited about learning the Bible. She realized early on in her teaching that the Bible doesn't need watered down, amp'd up, or glossed over. Over the years, she has continued to refine her teaching style of giving children a comprehensive understanding of the Bible story, and then providing memorable and engaging activities to help them remember it.

Michelle is the lead curriculum designer. She laid out the chronological sequence of the lessons, created the lesson instructions, and the reinforcement activities (with some help from the kids as well!).

Jonathan spent 14 years working in the IT industry before becoming the Pastor of Administration and Children at Eastgate Church in North Carolina. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Information Technology.

He has been doing web development for the last 25 years, but also has a passion for teaching children the Bible.

Jonathan is the programmer, content editor and business lead on the team.

Our art is custom made by Amanda Manuel

Amanda has a degree in interior design and is an all-around creative genious

Amanda shares our passion for quality children's curriculum and creates art with a singular focus of helping children remember the Bible story for that week

This is not just art to be admired - it is art with a purpose.

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We believe the Bible is God's perfect word to us. That's why we are so passionate about creating a curriculum with the singular focus of teaching kids the Bible! This is not a curriculum based on a specific theological perspective. Rather, we try our best to stay as true to the Bible stories as possible and let them speak for themselves. If you are interested in what we believe on a particular topic, feel free to email us at

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